Introduction of the Centre François Baclesse




The « Centre François Baclesse » is a Comprehensive Cancer Care.
Its missions in Bass Normandy (Calvados, Orne, Manche) are in charge with care, research and teaching missions exclusively in the cancerology field.
    The « Centre François Baclesse » Establishment of private status with a non profit- making organization that also deals with the public hospital service.
Like the 19 others comprehensive Cancer Care establishments, the « Centre François Baclesse » belongs to the National Federation of comprehensive Cancer Care.
    The « Centre François Baclesse » employees about 700 employees, including 65 doctors.
Its annual running budget amounts to 75 million euros and its investment capacity is about 3 million euros.
The « Centre François Baclesse » was certified by the High Heath Authority at the end of the year 2008. It has strengthened its collaboration with the C.H.R.U in Caen creating a Health grouping cooperation named (Regional Cancer Institute in Bass Normandy (IRCBN)).




The Care




    The « Centre François Baclesse » works with 5 departments to achieve its care mission thanks to prevention, case finding, including social and psychological aspects through the development of support care.

Medicine department

- Medical oncology and hematology hospitalization,
- Daily hospital,
- Palliative care service,
- Pharmacy.

Surgery department

- Operating suite with 5 operation rooms,
- Post operating after care room,
- Ambulatory surgery area,
- Anaesthesia service,
- Health care unit.

Medicotechnical department

- Extern radiotherapy

- SIMUSCAN and one virtual scanner,
- 5 accelerators.

- Brachytherapy : low flow dose technic, projector of a high flow dose, pulse dose rate bardytherapy, bardytherapy low dose by permanent iode 125 seeds.
- Medical imaging : conventional radiology, ultrasonography scanner, senology, MRI.
- Nuclear medicine : PET scan, scintigraphy, etc…
. single-head gamma camera
. dual-head gamma cameras, gamma camera/CT scanner
. New generation of PET/CT
- Medical physics

Ville-Hôpital department

-    Centralized extern counseling,
-    Support care coordination,
-    Coordination of Multidisciplinary Consulting Units (UCP),
-    Oncogenetic.

Biopathology department

-    Pathology laboratory,
-    Clinical biology and oncology laboratory.

The main CFB clinical activities are specially in charge of:

 Radiotherapy thanks to new equipments that implement innovating technics in that field.

Chemotherapy: A daily Hospital area, that opened in June 2007 and, that can accommodate till 80 patients per day (ambulatory chemotherapy treatments).
This service can also approach new medical therapeutics (Target therapy, monoclonal antibodies).

Surgery of :

-    Gynaecological cancers,
-    breast cancers (including the reconstructions),
-    Digestive cancers,
-    Upper respiratory tract cancers (including thyroid and the reconstruction),
-    Sarcoma surgery,
-    Soft tissus,
-    Cutaneous cancers.



Research in cancer



The « Centre François Baclesse » enlarges a double research activity against cancer that is centred on the biomedical and fundamental research.

Biomedical research

The clinical research unit in the « Centre François Baclesse » expands and takes part in national international clinical trials.

Fundamental research

This fundamental research unit we have in the « Centre François Baclesse » is called the GRECAN (which is the Regional Group of Studies and Research against Cancer). It gathers several persons from various universities, Hospitals and « Centre François Baclesse ».


Teaching Cancerology



The Centre François Baclesse is a teaching-Hospital and it is in charge with an important students’ training to medical care, pharmacy, nurses’ care and technicomedical care.
It is also a continuing education establishment for health professionals specialized in cancerology thanks to a teaching Unit that organizes and accommodates many professional trainings.



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