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COVID: Controlled access to the Centre François Baclesse

21 Dec. 2021

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Under the Health Crisis Management Act of 10 November 2021.

What proof do I need to have a valid health pass?

One of these documents is required:

  • Certificate of vaccination (with full initial schedule less than 6 months old or booster)
  • Positive test result for recovery (i.e. more than 11 days and less than 6 months old)
  • Negative screening test less than 24 hours old (by RT-PCR or antigenic or pharmacist supervised self-test)
  • Medical certificate of contraindication to temporary or permanent vaccination

For patients

Patients admitted in emergency are not subject to the requirements of the health pass. All other patients admitted for scheduled care are subject to the provisions of the law. They must present their health pass at the screening checkpoints set up at the entrance to the Center.

For accompanying persons and visitors

In application of the law, accompanying persons and visitors are required to present their health pass at the screening points when entering the François Baclesse Centre, in order to protect health.

Protective measures: remain mandatory inside the Centre

Even with a valid health pass, abidance by protective measures remains mandatory. In other words:

  • Wearing a surgical mask (change every 4 hours).
  • Hand rubbing with hydroalcoholic gel on entry, then repeatedly inside the establishment.
  • Social distance of at least 1 metre.

Do you have a COVID-19 symptom?

If you are a patient at the François Baclesse Comprehensive Cancer Centre WITH symptoms AND you have an appointment at the Centre within the next fortnight, even if you are vaccinated.

BEFORE you come, do a virological PCR test,

Communicate the result to the department where you are being treated. A doctor at the Centre will then advise you on what to do.

For safety reasons, visitors and accompanying persons with a COVID-19 symptom (fever or feverish sensation, cough, headache, fatigue, sore throat, lost of taste or smell) are not authorised to enter the establishment.

Accompanying a patient:

  • NO ATTENDANT with patients during their chemotherapy session (except for medical reasons).
  • In all other situations: only 1 accompanying person allowed per patient.

Provisions concerning ambulance drivers

  1. The ambulance drivers accompany the patients who need it to their department of care,
  2. Then they have to leave the ward and wait outside the institution,
  3. They are allowed to join the patient on the ward when they are called for their return.

Visits to hospitalised patients are suspended

Due to the non-respect of protective measures by some visitors, the great fragility of the patients we care at the Center, and due to the evolution of the epidemic situation, the board of Directors of the Center has decided to suspend visits to hopitalised patients from 6 January 2022 and for 15 days. This suspension of visits may ba extended depending on the evolution of the health situation.
With this decision, the François Baclesse Centre intends to reinforce the protection of patients and the professionals taking care of them.

  • Family rooms are closed on the hospital floors.
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