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A place of listening, information, encounters and patient guidance

ERI, why and for whom?

Located in Centre François Baclesse entrance hall, opposite the ‘Café & Compagnie’ cafeteria, the ERI is open to all without prior appointment.

It is a neutral area, outside the care path, and devoted to listening, exchanging and providing information.

You are welcomed there by Karine Grandin and Charline Feuillet, both health assistants.

ERI opening hours and contact information

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 9am to 5pm
  • Wednesday and Friday, 9am to 4pm
Karine Grandin et Charline Poincelet
Karine GRANDIN et Charline FEUILLET
Accompagnatrices en santé
Karine GRANDIN et Charline FEUILLET
Espace de Rencontres et d’Information (ERI)
02 31 45 50 64

The ERI’s missions

To welcome

To best satisfy your needs, the ERI must be close at hand. This is why it has been established in the very heart of your healthcare establishment.

To listen

The centre’s assistants are there to attentively listen to you. You can speak to them about all aspects of your disease. You (patients and close circle) can come to talk freely about how you are feeling/coping, for as long as you wish and in total confidentiality.

To inform

The ERI assistants are there to provide you with appropriate information on your personal situation based on your needs and wishes.

You will find:

  • general information on cancer, treatment and side effects, social aspects… all in simple words, accessible to all;
  • information on available resources inside and outside the centre;
  • Contact information for various support associations and local and/or national assistance;
  • clear and currently valid information in different formats (paper, videa, Internet, etc.)

To exchange

The ERI is also a place for encounters, exchange between patients, their close circle, professionals and associations.

You can:

  • attend public meeting-debates coordinated by healthcare professionals,
  • take part in ERI Encounters, themed workshops, between patients and coordinated by health assistants and a healthcare professional.

The ERI organises information workshops for patients: ERI Encounters You can consult the dates and themes of forthcoming ERI Encounters on our Calendar’ page! You can also receive information by e-mail, by simply providing the health assistances with your e-mail address.

Questions from ERI visitors

You are being treated for cancer and you have many questions to ask. And that is perfectly normal. The ERI can answer them and guide you. Here is just a selection of some of the most frequently asked quesitons. Of course, there are many others. Please feel free to come and see us at the ERI.

  • How can I talk to my children about my cancer?
  • Can I get help for looking after my children, my home, my shopping?
  • I don’t understand the living will!
  • Who can help me if I have side effects?
  • What solutions are available if I lose my hair?
  • Do I need to stop working? And how much will I be paid during my sick leave?
  • What’s the difference between an MRI and a CT-scan?
  • Since I discovered I had cancer, my husband is totally lost.

Les Perruques du Coeur

The ERI also proposes the Perruques du Coeur service for Centre François Baclesse patients who are having difficulty obtaining a capillary prosthesis (wig), a bonnet or a turban to suit their morphology and their taste.

This service is made possible thanks to donations from the Courants de la liberté via the La Rochambelle race.

Continuity of this service is also made possible through solidarity, for previous patients can donate their wigs, bonnets and turbans at the end of their treatment.

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