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Board of directors

The Board of Directors of the Centre François Baclesse is chaired by the Prefect of the Calvados département.


The Centre François Baclesse is managed and administered since 1 July 2023 by Prof Roman Rouzier, CEO.

General Management

Directeur général & Chirurgien gynécologue

Fonctions exercées au CFB

  • Directeur général
  • Chirurgien gynécologue
Breast surgery
Outpatient consultations
+33(0)2 31 45 50 11
Gyneacological surgery
Outpatient consultations
+33(0)2 31 45 50 11
General Management
Management secretaries
+33(0)2 31 45 50 00
Directeur général adjoint
General Management
Management secretaries
+33(0)2 31 45 50 00

CME – Medical Committee

The Centre’s medical practitioners and scientific staff are all members of the Medical Committee (CME). The CME is chaired by Dr Carine Segura-Djezzar (last election – 1 April 2021).

Dr Carine Segura-Djezzar
Médecin : Oncologue médicale

Pathologies / Specialities

  • Breast tumours
  • Oncosexuality
  • Supportive Oncology Care

Function within the Centre François Baclesse

  • Medical oncologist
  • Medical tutor for the ERI – Encounters and Information Area
  • President of the Medical Committee (CME)

Fields of expertise

  • Medical oncology – DU (University Diploma) in breast pathology
  • Oncosexuality – DIU (Interuniversity Diploma)
  • Supportive Oncology Care – DU (University Diploma) in palliative care and in psycho-oncology, DIU (Interuniversity Diploma) in oncosexuality


At the Centre François Baclesse:

  • Lectures for medical externs
  • Training in different aspects of continuous professional development (DPC)

At local and regional level:

  • Coordination of the DPC training course in ‘Awareness in Oncosexuality’

Member of…

At the Centre François Baclesse:

  • Member of the Breast MDT
  • Member of the Normandy Breast Institute – Caen
  • Elected member of the Medical Committee (CME)
  • Member of the Ethics Think Tank

At local and regional level:

  • Member of the Board of the Ligue Contre le Cancer Comité 14 (Calvados)
  • Regional coordinator for DPC training in ‘Awareness in Oncosexuality’

At national level:

  • Expert for the INCa (French National Cancer Institute) for the drafting of reference documents on oncosexuality
  • Member of the Board of the SFPO – French Society of Psycho-Oncology
  • Deputy secretary of the ASTARTE – Transmediterranean Association: Woman and Breast Cancer
Dr Carine Segura-Djezzar
Conventional oncology hospitalisation – 7th floor
Hospitalisation secretaries
+33(0)2 31 45 51 41
Institut Normand du Sein (Normandy Breast Institute)
Outpatient consultations
+33(0)2 31 45 86 86
Outpatient consultations
+33(0)2 31 45 40 02
Outpatient consultations – Blue sector
+33(0)2 31 45 40 10

Elections dated 24 March 2021:

  • Dr Stéphane Bardet, head of the Medico-technical department
  • Prof. Roman Rouzier, head of the Surgery department
  • Dr Pierre-Emmanuel Brachet, elected member
  • Dr Renaud Ciappucini, elected member
  • Pr Roman ROUZIER, responsable du département DISSPO
  • Dr Fabienne Divanon, elected member, vice chairwoman of the board
  • Dr Georges Emile, elected member
  • Dr Audrey Faveyrial, director of medical affairs
  • Dr Marie-Pierre Galais, head of the department of General Medicine
  • Dr Julien Geffrelot, elected member
  • Prof. Florence Joly, head of the Teaching-Research department
  • Pr Roman ROUZIER, directeur général, depuis le 01/07/2023
  • Dr Adeline Morel, elected member
  • Dr Sabine Noal, elected member
  • Dr Laurent Poulain, elected member
  • Dr Carine Segura-Djezzar, elected member, chairwoman of the board
  • Dr Dominique VAUR, head of the Biopathology department


Administration and logistics

Healthcare departments

Department of Surgery

Department of General Medicine

Medico-technical department

Department of Biopathology

Interdisciplinary Department of Oncology Support Care (DISSPO)

Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs)

Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs) reunite all physicians involved in patient care, pathology by pathology. Each MDT implies transversal medical organisation through the involvement of physicians from all Centre departments.

The members of each MDT meet regularly during MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) meetings, during which they validate therapeutic decisions for all new patients or for all significant changes to ongoing treatment for a given patient.

Internal MDTs organised at the Centre François Baclesse

External MDTs in which physicians from the François Baclesse Centre participate

All organs and committees

Organ or CommitteeResponsible person(s)
Patient Identity Vigilance CellMaryline Esnault
Food and Nutrition Liaison CommitteeDr Sylvie KAHN
Pain Management Committee (PMC)Dr Franck LE CAER
Nosocomial Infection Control Committee (NICC)Dr Jean-François LE BRUN
Radioprotection CommitteeAlain BATALLA
Transfusion Safety and Haemovigilance Committee (TSHC)Dr Marion LAFOSSE
Sustainable Development CommitteeSandra GILLES
Interdisciplinary Committee of Oncogeriatric CorrespondentsDr Marianne HAMON
Social and Economic CommitteeProf. Roman ROUZIER
Healthcare CommitteeSébastien JAFFRE
Nursing Care and Medico-technical CommitteeSébastien JAFFRE
Users’ Committee (UC)Dr Che Mabubu M’VONDO
Medication and Sterile Medical Devices Committee Dr Fabienne DIVANON
Professional Practice Evaluation (PPE) Committee Dr Sabine NOAL
Medical CommitteeDr Fabienne DIVANON
Life-threatening Emergency CommitteeDr Géraldine BUTIN
Ethics Think TankAurore CATHERINE
Observatory of Psychosocial Risks and Quality of Life at WorkSophie JAVILLIER
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