Your discharge

Your discharge
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Decision to discharge

Your discharge will be authorised by the doctor in the unit in which you are hospitalised.

You may take the responsibility to leave the hospital ‘against medical advice’. Even in this case, administrative procedures remain mandatory.

Discharge procedures

They are looked after in the unit in which you are hospitalised. The unit nurse will provide you with all the necessary documents for your continued care and monitoring.

A hospital dishcarge summary may be given to you when you leave, or later, upon your request. It also serves as medical leave of absence for your employer throughout your stay in hospital.

The doctor will also provide you with a liaison letter summarising the key elements of your hospitalisation. The same letter will be sent to your general practitioner.

When a minor leaves hospital, the person with parental authority must be present and provide formal proof of identity.


At the admissions office, you must pay:

  • the daily inpatient hospital fee (if you do not have private medical insurance, or if yours does not have an agreement with the Centre François Baclesse).
  • the patient’s contribution for your hospital stay, in the absence of any exemption (‘Affection Longue Durée’ long-term illness réimbursed 100% or surgical procedure).

Alternatives to hospitalisation

In certain conditions, and with your consent, your doctor can prescribe:

  • provision of a home help,
  • provision of home-based hospital care,
  • transfert to a different healthcare facility:
    • transfer to a rehabilitation facility,
    • transfer to another facility based on your health needs.

The social work department can advise you on conditions for admission and access to the aforementioned options, and help you to solve any problems that may be of concern to you. Contact the departmant at +33(0)2 31 45 40 02.

After your discharge

Collaboration between external healthcare professionals and those at the centre enables your care to be totally coordinated.

Your follow-up

A summary of your hospitalisation is sent to your general practitioner.

Your medical follow-up at the Centre François Baclesse is ensured via a follow-up consultation appointment or a new hospitalisation. Your coordinating physician is systematically informed of your follow-up.

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