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  • Opening hours: from Monday to Friday (except on public holidays), 8.30am to 5pm
  • Telephone: +33(0)2 31 45 50 48
  • Location: garden level

Department missions

In-house pharmacies ensure:

  1. The management, procurement and dispensing to hospitalised patients of medicinal drugs and sterile medical devices.
  2. The dispensing to non-hospitalised patients of experimental drugs and drugs subject to retrocession that are not available from dispensing chemists.
  3. The preparation of injectable anticancer drugs and radiopharmaceuticals.
  4. The realisation of clinical pharmacy activities: analysis of drug prescriptions, drug reconciliation, consultation of first prescriptions of oral chemotherapy.

The team

Is comprised of 25 professionals: pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, management assistants, logistic agents, pharmacy students.

  • Head of department: Dr Fabienne Divanon
  • Pharmacists: Dr Elodie Delavoipière, Dr Céline Desforges, Dr Gauthier Foucras (radiopharmacist), Dr Nathalie Leiber, Dr Jean-François Savigny (radiopharmacist)
  • Pharmacy assistants: Frédéric Beau, Yann Connan, Gwenaëlle Farcy, Ingrid Gentil, Angélique Léger, Michelle Lisicki, Frédéric Lustière, Clémentine Michaudet, Dimitri Pican
  • Management assistant: Armelle Degaallon
  • Logistic agents: Isabelle Poupeau, Rudy Rondeau, 1 position vacant
  • Pharmacy students: 2 interns, 1 extern, 2 pharmacy assistant students


  • Production of injectable anticancer drugs and radiopharmaceuticals
  • Clinical research activity: dispensing of oral treatment and preparation of injectable treatment
  • Pharmaceutical consultation for patients receiving oral anticancer treatment

Department results

ISO 9001 certification for the therapeutic trial sector and the pharmacy

Dispensed training

Pharmacists intervene every year in several education and training programmes towards continued professional development organised by the Centre François Baclesse, during conferences or seminars reserved for healthcare professionals at the university department of pharmaceutical science.

Practical information for patients:

Certain drugs are only available in hospital. If the prescription your medical oncologist has provided you with includes one of these drugs, you can collect it at the pharmacy, by presenting your prescription from Monday to Friday (except public holidays), 9am to 4.30pm.

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