Cancer registry

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Cancer epidemiology: incidence, care, survival


Cancer registry
Cancer registry
02 31 45 52 45

The team

  • Head of department: Dr Anne-Valérie Guizard
  • Dr Nicolas Vigneron, registry assistant
  • Véronique Bastard-Jaouen, technician
  • Valérie Marie-Couzinet, technician
  • Joséphine Gardy, data manager,
  • Secretary for the collection, encoding and recording of medical data (diagnosis and treatment) for all patients living in Calvados.


Cancer epidemiology (incidence, care, survival)


At regional level:

  • U1086 Inserm ‘ANTICIPE’, Normandy Cancer Registry Federation

At national level:

  • Francim (French Cancer Registry network)

At international level:

  • IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer), Eurocare, Grell (Group for Epidemiology and Cancer Registry in Latin Language Countries)
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