Caen Lower Normandy tumour Bank (TCBN)

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The TCBN ensures the receipt, storage, transformation and provision of cryopreserved biological samples, collected within the context of healthcare at the Centre François Baclesse, the CHU hospital in Caen and other regional establishments certified in oncology. These samples are for the purposes of research.


Caen Lower Normandy tumour Bank (TCBN)
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Caen Lower Normandy tumour Bank (TCBN)
+33(0)2 31 45 52 74

The team

  • Medical management: Dr Cécile Blanc-Fournier (Centre François Baclesse)
  • Assistant medical manager: Prof. Damaj Ghandi (CHU – Caen)
  • TCBN principal engineer: Nathalie Rousseau
  • TCBN quality engineer: Didier Bozonnet
  • TCBN laboratory technician: Benoît Goudergues
  • TCBN secretary: Séverine Ricci

Tumour bank missions

The TCBN’s main mission is to collect and preserve biological samples (tissue, cells, blood, fluids such as urine and other material such as RNA and DNA), tumoral or not, collected within the context of patient care, in order to improve disease diagnosis and to best adapt treatment.

These sample collections also enable scientists and physicians to conduct research projects in cancer to enable progress and the implementation of innovative therapeutic strategies.

Samples are stored as per INCa cryopreservation recommendations and in full abidance with the tumour bank’s ethics charter. They are made available for medical research programmes if the patient has signed formal consent (or in the absence of objection).

S. Ricci, B. Goudergues, N. Rousseau and D. Bozonnet in the liquid nitrogen room housing 2 liquid nitrogen cryostorage units at -196°

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