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For scintigraphic imaging of cancers, including PET-Scan and treatment of thyroid pathologies, including cancer.

Outpatient consultations


  • Opening hours: You can make an appointment from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm
  • Telephone: +33(0)2 31 45 50 32
  • Location: ground floor


Hospitalisation in the controlled zone

  • Opening hours: the department operates on a 24-hour basis
  • No visits
  • Hospitalisation secretaries: from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm. Tel: +33(0)2 31 45 50 50 ext. 53 73
  • Nursing office: +33(0)2 31 45 50 50 ext. 53 73
  • Location: 7th floor

Department missions

Care mission

The nuclear medicine department intervenes for the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancers (iodine-131 and systemic treatment) and neuroendocrine tumours (Lutathera). It cares for patients presenting with thyroid cancer and refractory thyroid cancers.

Its principal mission is the realisation of:

  • scintigraphic imaging (PET including different tracers and scintigraphy)
  • treatment by metabolic radiotherapy (Iodine-131, Lutathera)
  • thyroid pathology consultations (thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, hyerthyroidism, hypothyroidism, etc.)
  • thyroid ultrasound (with cytopuncture)

Research mission

The department takes part in research in nuclear medicine and in thyroid pathologies.

Teaching mission

The department’s physicians intervene every year in a range of initial training and continuing education activities: CPD training for general practitioners, medical externs and interns, pharmaceutical externs and interns, medical electroradiology students. The department is also a host service for interns, externs and technicians during their training.

The team

  • Head of department: Dr Stéphane Bardet
  • Head technician: Sébastien Sarrazin
  • Principal technician: Mélanie Levallois
  • Physicians in nuclear medicine: Dr Stéphane Bardet, Dr Renaud Ciappucini, Dr Charline Lasnon, Dr Elisabeth Quak, Dr Kathleen Weyts
  • Thyroid consultations: Dr Stéphane Bardet, Dr Renaud Ciappucini, Dr Véronique Le Henaff
  • Radioprotection: Alain Batalla
  • Medical physicist: Cyril Jaudet
  • Radiopharmacists: Dr Gauthier Foucras, Dr Jean-François Savigny

Care offer

Diagnostic activity

Nuclear medicine enables the exploration of many organs and the detection of diseased tissue in targeted populations from babies to elderly patients. Scintigraphies are conducted in a variety of manners, adapted to suit each patient’s clinical situation. Generally, they are conducted over two phases: a first phase during which a radioactive agent is injected, then, a few minutes or a few hours later, the second phase involving imaging.

The centre’s nuclear medicine department focuses particularly on exploration related to cancer or endocrine disorders, in particular:

  • PET using FDG or other tracers (choline, FNa, DOPA).
  • PET using Gallium-68 DOTA-Toc
  • Bone scintigraphy
  • Thyroid scintigraphy
  • Parathyroid scintigraphy
  • Isotopic calculation of cardiac ejection fraction
  • Location of the sentinel lymph node for breast, skin, head and neck, urological or gynaecological cancers
  • Octreotide scan

The department has implemented a Rapid thyroid diagnosis day.

Therapeutic activity

Nuclear medicine intervenes in healthcare for several diseases. The department participates in the treatment of:

  • Benign and malignant thyroid disease (I131)
  • Small bowel neuroendocrine tumours (LUTATHERA)
  • Neuroblastoma (MIBG-I131)


  • Expertise in scintigraphical imaging including PET
  • Expertise in thyroid pathologies, including cancer (TUTHYREF network expert centre). Local and regional thyroid MDTs.
  • Expertise in metabolic radiotherapy thanks to the presence of radioprotected rooms (Iodine-131 and LUTATHERA)


  • 3 gamma cameras:
    • 1 BRIVO GE (2016)
    • 1 Symbia T2 Siemens (2010) coupled with a localisation CT scanner
    • 1 INTEVO bold Siemens (2020) coupled with a localisation CT scanner
  • 1 Biograph Vision Siemens (2020) PET-scanner installed at the CHU university hospital in Caen – equipment shared with the CHU team
  • 1 Vereos Philips (2017) PET-scanner installed at the Centre François Baclesse – equipment shared with the nuclear medicine physicians at the CHU university hospital in Caen and private nuclear medicine physicians from throughout the region
  • 4 radioprotected bedrooms


  • 5,221 scintigraphies
  • 3,666 Vereos PET scans (all physicians combined)
  • 1,684 Siemens PET scans (Baclesse)
  • 2,311 thyroid consultations
  • 241 rapid thyroid consultations
  • 246 metabolic radiotherapy sessions

Research themes/projects

  • Thyroid nodules
  • PET: Instrumentation
  • Parathyroid disorders and FCH PET


  • At national level: TUTHYREF, French nuclear medicine society work groups


  1. Stéphane Bardet et al. Shear Wave Elastography in Thyroid Nodules with Indeterminate Cytology: Results of a Prospective Bicentric Study. Thyroid 2017
  2. Renaud Ciappuccini 18 F-Fluorocholine Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography Is a Highly Sensitive but Poorly Specific Tool for Identifying Malignancy in Thyroid Nodules with Indeterminate Cytology: The Chocolate Study. Thyroid 2020
  3. Elske Quak et al. F18-choline PET/CT guided surgery in primary hyperparathyroidism when ultrasound and MIBI SPECT/CT are negative or inconclusive: the APACH1 study . Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2017

Dispensed training

Initial training

  • Training of medical electroradiology students
  • Training for medical externs and interns within the context of their hospital internships

Continuing education

  • CPD on thyroid pathologies for GPs
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