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Outpatient consultations

  • Opening hours: You can make an appointment from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm
  • Oncogenetic consultation – Telephone: +33(0)2 31 45 51 65
  • For healthcare professionals – secure e-mail address: oncogenetique.cmca.baclesse@apicrypt.fr
  • Location: Oncogenetics department, ground floor

Department missions

Oncogenetic consultations enable families at risk, whatever the type of cancer, to benefit from genetic analysis, if the indication is confirmed, and to adapt monitoring based on the presence of a potential hereditary predisposition and on family history.

The team

  • Head of department: Dr Pascaline Berthet
  • Department executive: Céline Heude
  • Physicians: Dr Pascaline Berthet, Dr Pierre Devulder, Dr Zoé Nevière
  • Genetics counsellors: Elodie Cosset, Céline Heude
  • Oncogenetics assistant: Manuella Levilly
  • Secretaries: Caroline Allaire, Katie Goubin

Healthcare offer and expertise

An oncogenetic consultation can be requested based on any unusual personal and/or family history of cancer, for example early diagnosed cancers, multiple cancers in the same family, etc.

The indication for genetic analysis is confirmed after an initial assessment consultation (teleconsultation) and after agreement from the person concerned.

Genetic analysis, if the indication is confirmed, can then help determine whether there is a hereditary predisposition to cancer, then to identify the family members concerned and, whatever the result, to organise adapted monitoring, in line with national recommendations.

The Oncogenetics team is comprised of doctors specialised in oncogenetics and genetics counsellors, and works in close collaboration with oncologists, biologists, radiologists and all specialised physicians concerned. Psychological support is systematically proposed. We also work in partnership with other oncogenetics departments in France, and are actively involved in research in the field.


Activity data for 2019: The oncogenetics department conducts 1,850 consultations with around 500 new families per year.

Research themes / Projects

The department contributes towards research protocols in oncogenetics, both at national and international level. The main themes include:

  • risk assessment and study of modifying genes
  • interpretation of genetic variants
  • monitoring of individuals at risk
  • development of research in association with specific therapies


  • At local level: the centre’s molecular genetics laboratory, the anatomopathology department, the tumour bank and the GENECAN platform
  • At national level: Unicancer Genetics and Cancer Group and learned societies
  • At international level: international consortia

Dispensed training

  • Initial training: participation in specialised student teaching
  • Continuing education: for general and specialised practitioners in particular

Further information


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