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Day hospitalisations and consultations are exclusively by prior appointment

Day hospital

  • Hospitalisation secretaries: from Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5.30pm: +33(0)2 31 45 86 34
  • Nursing office: +33(0)2 31 45 50 50 ext. 53.53
  • Location: 4th floor ‘Hospitalisation’ (on your right as you leave the lift)

Outpatient consultations

  • Secretaries: from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
  • Telephone: +33(0)2 31 45 40 02
  • Location: 4th floor ‘Consultations et Ateliers’ (on your left as you leave the lift)


When cancer is diagnosed in patients aged over 75 years, the following healthcare options are designed to offer perfectly adapted treatment to suit the person’s specific situation:

  • a medical oncogeriatric consultation (in the support care department, on your left on the 4th floor)
  • an in-depth geriatric assessment in the day hospital, over a half-day and, if possible, with an accompanying adult (in the support care  day hospital on your right on the 4th floor)

Indeed, all types of treatment can be considered for elderly patients, but they must also be adapted in line with the patient’s overall health status and any potential fragilities.

Geriatric fragility screening (using the Oncodage G8 tool) can be conducted by the medical oncologist, surgeon or nurse practitioner. This helps identify patients requiring to be referred for an oncogeriatric assessment consultation.

This consultation enables us to appreciate:

  • autonomy,
  • associated disease,
  • treatment and its interactions,
  • cognitive function (memory disorders),
  • mood (anxiety, depression),
  • nutritional status,
  • pain,
  • risk of falls,
  • social environment.

Healthcare offer

At the centre, geriatric cancer care begins over a half-day assessment, conducted from Monday to Friday, in the day hospital on the 4th floor.

The team

For this assessment, patients are asked to come to the Centre in the company of a close relation. During the consultation, they will meet with a multidisciplinary team comprised of:

  • a specialised nurse who will conduct an assessment of the patient’s memory, mood, walking and autonomy
  • a social worker who will conduct an assessment of specific needs in day-to-day life (home cleaning, home help, etc.)
  • a dietician who will conduct a nutritional assessment and offer nutritional advice
  • a physician specifically trained in geriatric cancer caree for an overall evaluation of the day’s assessments:
    • Dr Heïdi Solem-Laviec
    • Dr Bernard Géry
    • Dr Marianne Hamon
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