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In oncology, to contribute towards the funding of innovative programmes and new equipment, new research projects, etc. your donations and legacies are important.

Online donations / Cheque / Bank Transfer / Cash

Donate by cheque
  • Payable to Centre François Baclesse
  • By standard mail to:
    Centre François Baclesse
    BP 45026
    14076 CAEN CEDEX 5
  • To receive a receipt for tax purposes
    In order to receive a tax receitp for your donation (within 3 weeks), please complete the support form.
Donate by bank transfer
  • Request a bank transfert using the following bank details:

Bank code: 30004
Branch code: 00212
Account No.: 00022350058
Key: 84
International Account No. (IBAN): FR76 3000 4002 1200 0223 5005 884
BIC (Bank Identification Code): BNPAFRPPCRO

  • To receive your tax receipt
    In order to receive a tax receipt for your donation (within 3 weeks), don’t forget to complete and return the support form.
Donate in cash
  • Download the support form.
  • Enclose it with your cash donation.
  • Hand it into the Treasury department at the Centre François Baclesse:
    The Treasury department is on the same floor as the General Management department and is open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. The receptionist will be happy to guide you.
  • You will receive your tax receipt within 3 weeks.

Why offer us your support?

Cancer is the leading cause of mortality in men and the second in women. Although major progress has been made, efforts must continue. However, new technologies and new medicinal treatments are increasingly costly. Study programmes and new treatment protocols are also more and more complex.

Whilst care and hospitalisation are funded by the public social security scheme, research, improved hospitality conditions and new medical equipment require extra funding to which you can contribute.

Help us to maintain our anticipation and innovation capacity, so we can continue to facilitate progress through research, a source of hope for all cancer patients.

How to offer support

The Centre François Baclesse can receive donations (article L6162 of the French code of public health). It is a public interest establishment which allocates donations to fund research.


For private individuals

  • In France, as a private individual, you can deduct 66% of your total donation, up to a limit of 20% of your total payable income tax.
  • You can also deduct 75% of the total donation, up to a limit of €50,000 from your ‘ISF’ wealth solidarity tax.
  • These donations may also include securities and buildings (donation) or a temporary donation of usufruct.

For companies

  • You can deduct 60% of your total donation from your corporate tax (IS) up to a limit of 5 for 1,000 of your turnover.


  • Entrust the assets you have acquired, built or accumulated, to teams that fight against cancer.
  • The transfer of these securities can be made via your will and is exempt from taxation, hence, the centre receives the total sum of donated property.

OFFER LIFE INSURANCE SUPPORT: Take a specific contract

  • You can name the Centre François Baclesse as the beneficiary of a life insurance contract.

Thanks to you…

The centre supports scientific teams

These teams, specialised in medical research in oncology, are certified by the INSERM (French National Health and Medical Research Institute).

Support for a high-throughput DNA sequencing platform

The aim is to identify the genetic determinisms of cancer and to characterise tumour genomes, in order to offer patients tailored and more efficient treatment. The Centre François Baclesse has been selected by the French National Cancer Institute (INCa) to intervene in this field, both at national and European level.


For further information, on donations or any other subject, please contact:

PAYEN Géraldine
Géraldine PAYEN
Chargée des dons et du mécénat
Géraldine PAYEN
Service dons et mécénat
02 31 45 86 88

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