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Your room

During conventional hospitalisation, you may be placed in a room with one or two beds. If you ask to be hospitalised in a room with one bed, a daily supplement may be charged to your private medical insurance, within the limits of any such coverage.

SAFETY FOR YOUR CASH AND VALUABLES The Centre François Baclesse may, under no circumstances, be held responsible in the case of theft. If necessary, you may deposit valuables with the centre’s treasury department (please ask the staff in your hospital department).


Meal times

  • Breakfast around 7.30am
  • Lunch around 12.30pm
  • Dinner around 6.30pm

If you have a specific diet or food allergy, please inform the care staff who will look after having your meals adapted.

Should a dish on the menu not be to your taste, an alternative menu is available on request (refer to the menu below to replace a given dish).

Les repas au Centre François Baclesse pour les patients hospitalisés : principe, menus de remplacement
Find out more PDF – 41,97 ko


Rooms are equipped with a telephone via which you can receive incoming calls free of charge.

If you would like to make outside calls, ask at the admissions office for a line to be opened for you. A personal telephone number will be allocated and you will be asked to pay charges in advance.

After admissions office opening hours, please enquire at the switchboard.


During conventional hospitalisation, you can have access to a range of television channels. A flat rate applies and must be paid, by yourself or your private medical insurance.

Booking and payment: at the Café & Compagnie cafeteria on the ground floor.


Visiting hours

Visits are allowed in hospital floors from 1pm to 8pm, except:

  • Visits not permitted: in the controlled zone on the wing of the 7th hospitalisation floor.

Visiting rules

To avoid contamination, visitors must, like yourself, abide by a few rules:

  1. Follow instructions displayed in the centre on wearing masks, including in your room.
  2. Rub hands with sanitising gel when entering and leaving the room.
  3. Postpone visits if they are ill (cold, gastroenteritis, etc.) or visiting with fragile or sick children. If the visit cannot be postponed, please inform the care team and ask which measures should be applied.
  4. Limit the number of visitors in rooms (the more visitors, the more germs…).
  5. Use the public toilets rather than those in your room and sit on the chairs rather than on the bed.
  6. Follow all instructions given by the care team.
  7. To guarantee the quality and safety of the care you receive, visitors must leave the room during care, and only healthcare professionals are authorised to touch medical equipment.
  8. The soil in potted plants contains germs that can be dangerous for your health: please ask your visitors to bring an alternative (cut flowers, confectionery, book, etc.)

Family and patient lounge

The hospitalisation departments located on the upper floors of the centre all have their own family lounge, open on a 24-hour basis. They offer an additional reception area for you and your visitors.

Accommodation and meals for accompanying adults

In certain cases, in-house accommodation can be organised for visitors. Ask the care team for information.

There is also a choice of paying accommodation options within reach of the hospital. For patients referred for proton therapy, solutions are also available. Enquire at the radiotherapy department: +33 (0)2 31 45 50 20.

Furthermore, your visitors can also take meals at the Centre François Baclesse. Meal tickets can be purchased at the admissions office, in the entrance hall, open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

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