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If you are coming for the first time

Each time you come to the centre, please first go to the reception area in the entrance hall, where you will be given instructions.

Creation of your administrative file

Your administrative file is created at the Bureau des entrées (admissions office), located in the centre’s reception area. It is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of the admissions office opening hours, please go to the ‘Standard – PC Sécurité’, also located in the reception area.

To create your file, the agent at the admissions office will ask you to provide the following documents:

  • a formal identity document (national identity card, passport),
  • your Carte Vitale, French national insurance card if you have one,
  • your currently applicable private medical insurance card,

NIP The admissions office will give you an appointment card bearing your personal identity number (NIP). This appointment card, and your NIP number, will be requested each time you call or come to the centre.

The identity vigilance charter

The regional patient identity vigilance charter obliges healthcare professionals to work on the basis of the patient’s birth name.

For your safety and to ensure quality care, each patient must ‘ensure that they are correctly identified by healthcarers’ throughout their care path. Your identification is the first, indispensible and fundamental step before any medical procedure.

This is why:

  • a formal identity document is requested upon creation of your file,
  • an identification band is placed on your wrist for all hospital admissions,
  • your surname, first name and birth date are frequently requested, at each stage in your care.

Please feel free to inform of your identity at each new care step throughout your care path.

You are hospitalised or are coming to the centre for a consultation

At each hospital admission or each consultation

Don’t forget to bring any X-rays and medical exam results you may have, and to give them to the care team or medical assistant.

Also bring the prescriptions for any treatment you may be taking. These documents will be scanned and saved in your patient file, before being returned to you.

You have already been to the centre

Admission procedures are simplified and will be explained to you by the department staff looking after you throughout your care path.

Don’t forget to provide any new element or inform of any new event since your last visit (prescription, hospitalisation report and/or radiology results, change in your marital status, change in appointed representative, change in address, etc.).

ANONYMITY  You may request, at the admissions office, that your presence at the centre not be divulged, including the non-transferral of any outside telephone calls.

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