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Outpatient consultations


  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 4.30pm
  • Telephone: +33(0)2 31 45 50 11
  • Location: 1st floor


Department missions


  • Surgery for breast carcinoma
  • Immediate or delayed breast reconstruction
  • Prophylactic breast and gynaecological surgery
  • Referral for surgical consultation
  • Global patient care via the Breast Care Path
  • MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) meetings for breast cancer, specific presurgical MDT and breast cancer MDT


  • Participation in national clinical trials
  • Internal research projects and clinical studies
    • Per-operative radiotherapy
    • Breast reconstruction


  • Hosting and training of interns in obstetric gynaecology every semester
  • Training of externs and student nurses in the operating theatre
  • Training at the nursing school and surgical nursing school

The team


  • Dr Enora Dolivet-Audigie
  • Dr Léopold Gaichies
  • Dr Jean-François Le Brun
  • Dr Sandrine Martin-Françoise
  • Dr Charlotte Monnerie
  • Dr Hélène Planque
  • Prof. Roman Rouzier

Nursing supervisor

  • Flavie Bulot

Outpatient nurses

  • Julie Tanquerel
  • Séverine Savary
  • Anne-Marie Richard
  • Laure Frelon
  • Marina Lefevre (dermopigmentation/tattoos)

Medical assistants

  • Pauline Passerel
  • Sandrine Sede

Healthcare offer and expertise

The breast surgery team works in close collaboration with the oncology, radiology and radiotherapy teams in order to optimise and to define the most appropriate treatment strategy for each patient, in a concerted manner.

During the surgery consultation, the type of surgery adapted to suit the patient is defined. The surgical procedure, which is integrated within the overall therapeutic strategy, is explained in detail thanks to an animated software application which offers improved understanding of the techniques employed.

Outpatient surgery (one-day hospitalisation and return to home the same evening) is encouraged for the majority of patients, whenever the procedure and the patient’s state of health allows so. In the case of conventional hospitalisation, the duration is short, and adapted in line with the surgical procedure.

The development of loco-regional anaesthesia during breast surgery offers improved comfort and satisfactory post-operative pain relief, hence leading to faster recovery.

The Breast Care Path, organised by specialised nurses, proposes monitoring before, during and after surgery as per individual patient needs.

Since 2016, we have been conducting breast surgery associated with intraoperative radiotherapy, thanks to Intrabeam®. This technique offers advantages in certain types of breast cancer for treatment can be completed in one day. All cancer types are not eligible for this technique. It must be jointly validated by the surgeon, radiologists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists.

We have our own outpatient consultation department for monitoring wound healing and any post-operative complications. These consultations are conducted by specialised nurses (outpatient care department), and appointments can be made by phone.

For patients wishing to do so, we propose breast reconstruction techniques, either in the form of internal breast implants, by autologous muscle grafting (latissimus dorsi flap), and / or autologous fat grafting (lipomodelling), or free flap (FFBR). Breast reconstruction is most often performed after treatment; however, it is more and more frequently proposed at the same time as breast cancer surgery. The chosen technique, based on the surgeon’s expertise, is adapted to suit the patient’s own wishes and to her morphology. Pre- and post-operative monitoring is ensured by our own specialised nurses, in close collaboration with the surgeon, hence enabling personal patient follow-up. The breast reconstruction process can sometimes require several operations or aesthetic improvements. The last phase of this process is the recreation of the nipple, either using a skin flap or by applying a ‘trompe l’oeil’ tattoo.

Breast reconstruction is an integral part of the patient’s overall care. This phase is important for patients wishing to recover a satisfactory body image. Information sessions are also organised in the ERI information and encounters area, reuniting patients, our nurses and a surgeon.

The department’s equipment and facilities

  • Intrabeam ®: per-operative radiotherapy technique for certain types of breast cancer
  • Immediate or delayed reconstructive surgery:
    • Submuscular or subcutaneous prosthesis technique
    • Latissimus dorsi flap technique
    • Lipomodelling, exclusive or in complement to the aforementioned techniques


2019 activity data

  • 1,804 breast surgery procedures
  • 51 procedures with per-operative radiotherapy
  • 278 procedures for breast reconstruction (all types combined)

Research themes / Projects

  • Evaluation of the population treated by INTRABEAM. In partnership with the radiotherapy and radiology departments, we are conducting a study of patients treated by surgery and per-operative radiotherapy, in order to assess patient satisfaction and the long-term benefits of this novel technique.
  • Study of the understanding of information provided to patients in pre-operative consultations, via educational information software (E-Consult®)


  • E-consult: To better inform patients Jean-François Le Brun, Julie Babin-Commeny, Sandrine Martin-Françoise, Guillaume Babin, Journal of Clinical Oncology 37, no. 15_suppl, published online May 26, 2019.


  • At regional level:
    • Lower Normandy reference centre for breast cancer, expertise and referral from external healthcare establishments.

Dispensed training

  • Initial training:
    • Training of interns in obstetric gynaecology (2 interns / semester)
    • Training of externs and student nurses in the operating theatre
  • Continuing education:
    • Teaching at the nursing school and surgical nursing school
    • Presentation of breast surgery and reconstruction during Oncology Thursdays
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