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Outpatient consultations

Consultations are exclusively by prior appointment.


  • Opening hours: from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm
  • Telephone : +33(0)2 31 45 40 02
  • Location: 4th floor ‘Consultations et Ateliers’ (on your left as you leave the lift)


At the centre, nutritional care for patients is ensured by the Mobile Food and Nutrition Team, comprised of doctors and dieticians. The team’s missions include prevention, screening and dietary care and counselling. Particular attention is paid to undernutrition, which leads to:

  • Decreased immunity and increased risk of infection,
  • Modified response and tolerance to cancer treatment, with a negative impact on disease prognosis,
  • Emotional impact, that can lead to depression,
  • Physical weakening, with an increased risk of falls and dependency,
  • Impaired wound healing and cell repair.

The Mobile Food and Nutrition Team looks after:

  • Undernourished patients or patients at risk of undernutrition
  • Care and monitoring of patients under artificial feeding: enteral feeding (through a feeding tube ) and parenteral feeding (intravenous)
  • Patients with localised breast cancer during group information sessions on nutritional balance.

Healthcare offer

The Mobile Food and Nutrition Team proposes:

  • Medical consultations on diet and nutrition, by medical prescription or nurse prescription, or upon the patient’s request,
  • Group information sessions on nutritional balance for patients with localised breast cancer.

LINK WITH EXTERNAL CARE PROVIDERS Patients can later be referred to: > The Oncodiets network of external dieticians trained in oncology, in particular for individual guidance on weight gain in senology: www.nutritionclinique.frThe Normandy therapeutic patient education platform  – Planeth Patient –  which proposes a TPE programme for patients presenting with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and/or obesity:

The team

  • Dr Sylvie Khan, nutritionist, team coordinator
  • Chloé Joyaux, dietician
  • Aline Leclerc, dietician
  • Virginie Lepeltier, coordinating dietician
  • Pauline Marie, dietician
  • Aurélie Pouppeville, dietician
  • Dr Stéphane Corbinais, hepatogastroenterologist
  • Dr Heidi Solem-Laviec, consulting physician in oncogeriatrics (President of the Food and Nutrition Liaison Committee)


In 2019, the Mobile Food and Nutrition Team conducted 8,977 dietician consultations and interventions, and 216 medical consultations.

Research and publications

  • SPOC – Handgrip study: ancillary study to the SPOC study (Dr Rambeau) on nutritional parameters (Chloé Joyaux)


  • At regional level:
    • Oncodiet network, OncoNormandie network, Resclan, PETAL, CICOG, Planeth patients
  • At national level:
    • InterClan care network commission: participation in the Interclan survey following national recommendations on standard diet and therapeutic diet in hospital settings


Initial training

  • Lectures to externs and medical interns
  • Lectures at the Caen University department of medicine: Cancer and nutrition

Continuing education

  • Training in ‘Optimising cancer care’ for centre staff
  • Participation in the in-house training ‘Monitoring of patients under cancer treatment: gastrointestinal toxicity workshop’
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