Home News The François Baclesse Comprehensive Cancer Centre winner of Unicancer’s DEF’IT Coup de Coeur prize, challenging task interruption

The François Baclesse Comprehensive Cancer Centre winner of Unicancer’s DEF’IT Coup de Coeur prize, challenging task interruption

10 Nov. 2021

Photo of the DEF'IT film from the Pharmacy team
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On the occasion of the SANTEXPO 2021 show, the pharmacy team at the François Baclesse Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Caen won the DEF’IT Coup de Coeur prize for challenging task interruption, awarded by Unicancer. Thanks to its reinterpretation of the song ‘Parle à ma main’ by Fatal Bazooka, the Baclesse team stressed the human factor in task interruption.

Awarding of the Prix coup de coeur DEF'IT on the Unicancer stand at SantExpo
Presentation of the Prix Coup de Coeur DEF’IT, on the Unicancer stand, to the Pharmacy team represented by Rudy Rondeau (logistics officer), Angélique Léger, Ingrid Gentil and Julie Castel (pharmacy technicians).

Early 2021, under the impetus of the University Cancer Institute in Toulouse, Unicancer asked all French cancer centres (CLCCs) to take on the challenge of increasing professional awareness on the risks associated with task interruption. Engaged teams were to produce videos inside their respective departments, highlighting a situation that becomes risky if interrupted, and the improvement measures likely to prevent such risk. Six CLCCs took part in the DEF’IT contest; the IUCT Oncopôle (Toulouse), the Centre Léon Bérard (Lyon), the Institut de Cancérologie de l’Ouest (Angers/Nantes), the Centre Antoine Lacassagne (Nice), the Centre Henri Becquerel (Rouen) and the Centre François Baclesse (Caen). ‘In-depth work on task interruption needs to be applied on the long term and call into question both individual and group behaviour. Hence, our approach to the Déf’IT contest was to highlight the human factor, over any organisational factor.’ Our motto was, ‘Become aware, in order to understand… in order to act towards success!’ Fabienne Divanon, head of the François Baclesse Comprehensive Cancer Centre’s pharmacy department, explains. ‘Of course, acculturation is an excellent lever, but it is not the only answer; we now need to test proposed tools and, perhaps, adopt them. Beyond the emulation and enthusiasm generated by the challenge, the inter-CLCC contest also proved to be an excellent, lighthearted digression that brought cohesion amidst the morose atmosphere associated with the pandemic. Winning a national prize is a great source of pride for the Pharmacy team!’ she concludes.

You can view the video on our Viméo and YouTube channels:

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